Feldenrkais ®, an Introduction

The goal of scientist Moshe Feldenkrais was to "make the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy, elegant". 

My name is Erin Finkelstein and I am a clarinetist and Feldenrkais Practitioner ®. I will be sharing  a blog to collect interesting videos, articles, and my own musings pertaining to learning, awareness, music, and much more.

How do you relate to the quote above? What parts of your life seem impossible, possible, easy, or even elegant? 

Practitioners work with your nervous system through gentle and profound movement lessons to create more options in your life - your functioning - your movement. 

I work with musicians, artists, doctors, teachers, the elderly, those with chronic pain, and many many more. Recovering from a stressful time? Feldenkrais might be a novel way to recover and restore your vitality. 

Email me at feldyfink@gmail.com, or call 916-296-9068 for information on classes and private lessons in the Phoenix area.