What are they up to now?

Rachel Wood is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Music in clarinet performance at University of Colorado, Boulder where she studies with Daniel Silver. She is a sitting member of the CU symphony orchestra, wind symphony, and various chamber groups each semester. She has participated in master classes with Frank Cohen and members of the U.S. Air Force Academy Band, and in her free time she enjoys staying inside, away from the snow.

Kathryn Cederberg: "I'm currently a senior at North Park University in Chicago, majoring in K-12 Music Education! I’m graduating in December, and I’ve been playing principal clarinet in orchestra, participating in concert band, and two chamber groups throughout my time here. Since we last saw each other, music has taken me incredibly far. I studied abroad in Sweden last year at Luleå University of Technology’s Musikhögskolan, and met/worked with so many amazing teachers and fellow music students there.  I’m also planning on pursuing my masters in clarinet performance once I graduate."

 Madeline Gallay: "I go to smith college in Massachusetts, specifically Northampton a small little town kind of like Davis. I am officially a biological science major. I am currently taking a lot of science classes and doing some research on parasites in marine mammals. I also row for the smith college crew team which is amazing, and hopefully will be able to go abroad next year ( I want to go to Tanzania or some islands in the caribbean)."

Dani Fujino: "I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Sept. 2015 (3 years!) with a major in Biopsychology and a minor in Applied Psychology.  I moved back home and worked in a neurolinguistics lab for a year.  I actually spent some time editing audio (in Audacity) for experimental stimuli, a fact I thought you'd appreciate.  I attend an accelerated Master of Public Health Program at UC Davis.  I started in August 2016 and plan to graduate in June 2017.  I am a Teaching Assistant for the Public Health undergraduate course.  I hope to go into data analysis, as I enjoy statistics.  I want to focus on using medical data to improve the relationship between patient and provider and also to develop disease self-monitoring programs.  I'm currently applying to fellowships/jobs and searching for a research project for the rest of the school year.  I met with the UC Davis Ophthalmology Dept. on Friday and am potentially working on evaluating diabetic retinopathy screening software."

Bethany Miller: "I went off to UOP, studying clarinet with Dr. Shands and music education with Dr. Brittin and Dr. Hammer. I graduated May 2016 and am currently teaching 4th grade violin and 5-6th grade band and strings at Gibson and Zamora Elementary in Woodland, CA. I have 200 students - including my 46 clarinet students! We just had our first winter concert on December 14, and it was a blast! Looking forward to a few more years there before I get married in 2019 - when my fiance finishes his music education degree at UOP - and possibly have to relocate."