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Studio Policies


The study of music requires specific guidelines, as the pursuit is uniquely individualized for the development of your child. Erin's philosophy is to support your child's musical goals by building strong musical fundamentals and developing skills such as reading, writing, listening, and organization.  All assignments will be written weekly in an assignment book for students and parents to keep track of.

Music is a consuming but rewarding endeavor, and is best suited for families that have ample time for daily home practice and musical training.

 Lesson Etiquette

1. Lessons are only given at my studio in Phoenix during your assigned and agreed upon lesson time.

2. Students are asked to remain in the music area while at the studio.

3. Lessons are tailored to the individual needs of each student.  Students set musical goals at the start of the semester with the instructor.

4. I will assign scales, etudes, theory, solo and ensemble pieces, all to be practiced at home in preparation for the next lesson.

Parental Role

1. Lesson times are reserved windows of time in my schedule for your family. Please arrive at your assigned time and not before. Extra lesson time will not be offered if you arrive after your assigned time. If a child is not picked up promptly, extra tuition will be billed. Parents of very young children are encouraged to stay for the duration of the lesson until their child's attention grows.

2. Weekly attendance is very important for musical growth. I require 24-hour notice if the family needs to cancel a lesson, otherwise the lesson will be considered a no-show. If a child is well enough for school, then he/she should be well enough for lesson and visa-versa if the child is ill.

3. Parents are responsible for helping their child fulfill weekly assignments and cultivate good practice habits at home in an encouraging and nurturing way.  Please communicating concerns and issues your child may be having so that I may be sensitive and assist in finding a solution for practice problems.

4. Parents are welcomed to attend lessons but are encouraged to remain in an observational role for the duration of the lesson.  I will demonstrate and assist practice techniques, so it is a good idea for parents to sit in once a quarter to check in on their student’s practice habits.

5. Parents should help the child remember ALL of their music and assignment books for each lesson.

Piano Specifics

1. Students are to arrive and wash hands before they play. This will cut down spread of illness in the studio!

2. Students need to keep fingernails short for proper development of technique.

3. On occasion I may need to touch an arm or elbow to demonstrate proper technique; please let me know if your student has aversion to physical touch so I may alter the teaching. 

4. Full electronic keyboards with weighted keys are acceptable for the first 6 months of lessons, at which point I am happy to assist you in finding an acoustic piano and tuner.

Clarinet Specifics

1. In addition to clarinet books, students need to bring ALL parts of the instrument, neck strap, and at least 4 working reeds to every lesson.

2. Clarinet needs to be in working order before your lesson. I can provide a list of repair people in your area. Please communicate with me and seek my advice when upgrading or purchasing a new horn.

3. Please brush your teeth and wash your hands before your lesson.

All Students

1. Please review your assignment book throughout the week between lessons and practice each item assigned.

2. Fill out practice log honestly!

3. Prepare each lesson as a “mini” performance of what you have practiced all week.

4. Schedule daily practice sessions for the duration of your lesson (60 minute lesson, 60 minutes of practice), 5 days a week.

5. Listen to assigned musical pieces and keep a music journal to be shared in lessons!

6. Bring an open mind and heart to each lesson! 


Studio classes will be offered once a semester as time allows.

Semester recitals are offered to build performance skills.

Students are STRONGLY encouraged to attend concerts for inspiration and to gain knowledge about the art form they are studying.