Music informs how we think about, perceive and connect with the world.

To master an instrument brings us a sense of ability and fullness that few other things in life truly can. I teach music so I can pass this gift onto eager learners of all ages.


My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is simple: to be a nurturing force for developing musicians that helps grow their fundamental music skills and their expression and creativity through music.

STUDENT Learning Outcomes

I take the time to understand each of my clarinet and piano students’ unique needs and goals to create a customized teaching plan that will support, yet challenge, their musical progress.

Here are the learning outcomes you can expect from lessons with me:

  • Reach your musical goals - I help students define goals that are important to them and feel achievable. This keeps them motivated and excited about their musical instruction.

  • Manage frustrations that arise - By breaking down the learning process into manageable pieces, students gain an understanding of, and build confidence in, their performance ability.

  • For children, learn responsibility and time management - Young students learn how to set, manage and fulfill small goals from week to week.

  • Be an active part of a community - How to engage with other musicians and support and learn from one another.

Rate Information

Musical instruction is a wonderful investment in your or your child’s lifelong well-being and personal growth.

I offer 30 and 60 minute lessons for both clarinet and piano, beginning at $30 per half hour. If you opt to pay for the whole semester upfront, you will get one free lesson.

To book your first clarinet or piano lesson, CONTACT ME TODAY.

Chamber Music Ensemble Coaching

I also offer chamber music ensemble coaching, designed to help you create first-rate, intimate musical experiences for your audience. I focus on four main areas:

  • Proper ensemble skills - Etiquette and setting group expectations

  • Foundational music skills - Analyzing chamber music for musical content

  • Communication - Conducting rehearsals and giving feedback to colleagues

  • Physical comfort - Using appropriate movement to interact with the music and your colleagues

Want to get your chamber music ensemble up to peak performance? CONNECT WITH ME for rates and detailed information.